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    If you found your way to this website it is not by accident.  You have already made the decision to heal some part of your life.  If you are looking for ways to improve your health, wealth or state of mind and just need a fresh approach than you have come to the right place.   
    I don't heal people I empower people to heal themselves.  You have everything you need within you, I will assist you in opening and balancing your energy centers so that you will have the ability to overcome obstacles and improve your life exponentially. 

to make the form, nature, content, future course, etc., of (something) 
different from  what it is or from what it would be if left alone:      

I have a unique system to help create an awareness of the energy body.  I combine Pranic Healing & Psycho Therapy Pranic Healing information with intuitive insight; thus improving the health and well being of children, adults and animals.   

Fortune tellers, psychics, card readers (etc.) tell you about your future leaving you with certain expectations.  A self fulfilling prophecy is highly likely, creating limitations on outcomes in the future.   

What if you had the “free will”, the ability to change your outcome based on a true awareness as to what is going on in your energy body today?    Your energy and energy centers have the truth hidden.  These energy centers tell us what may be going on emotionally, physically and or financially.  

By making you aware as to what is taking place in your energetic body puts you in the front seat and empowers you to change at your own will creating a future based on a new awareness.    

My clients may choose to continue working with their life coaches, therapists, spiritual advisors ect. And use me as a gauge as to where they are improving and where they need more awareness to achieve successful results.  

Successful results such as strong relationships, financial strengths and weaknesses, emotional development and much more….   

My services include Advanced Pranic Healing & Psycho Therapy Pranic Healing this will allow one to have more insight and clarity to work through opportunities.   How can this benefit you?  

Imagine the possibilities!

Can you see how this can be a huge head start for you, your children and your loved ones.  And please don't forget your pets, you would be surprised how much insight is revealed from your pets.     

What is in the “now” that you can’t see?  

 I was experiencing a great deal of sorrow and loss about the passing of a pet.  Rania was able to connect with her and provide detailed information that was particularly comforting.  It was a blessing and tremendous gift to have Rania describe her emotional state and desires.  The information was both specific and accurate.  My time with Rania was very healing and transformative.  Rania truly has a gift to connect with the animals.
A.S., Mission Viejo
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